This is a great opportunity for families and groups to serve together. Volunteer to help prepare lunches In the Summer on Monday’s. If you are interested in volunteering, make sure and like our Facebook page for Delivery Dates and times.


getting others involved and educate those around you on a need you support.  We are always available to assist. 

  • Share NTFTN on social media and with friends. Ask for a donation in lieu of a birthday gift.

Facebook: North Texas Feed The Need (see Icons on Home Page)

Instagram: northtexasftn (See Icons on Home Page)

  • Collect donations at an event. We have donation boxes and flyers available to make it easy. We can pick up donations after your event.

  • You can purchase a shirt designed By The Blank Slate Designs on etsy. With the purchase of this shirt you can provide 9 lunches.



Donate any amount of money. 100% of the proceeds minus fees associated with paypal go directly to NTFTN.  Click Donate on the bottom of the home page

Donate any of the following items. Please contact Us to schedule a Time to drop Donations at our Collection Center. 

  • Individually packaged snacks (granola Bars, Apple Sauce, Goldfish, etc.)

  • Jars of any Size of Peanut Butter

  • Jars of Any Size of Jelly